Loon's Echo Wilderness Retreat

Secluded Rental Log Cabins near the BWCA Wilderness Area

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 Luxurious living room of Wild Loon  

Loon's Echo is a true Wilderness Retreat, not a resort. Our log cabins are tucked away in their own piece of Wilderness. . . only a few miles from Voyageurs National Park and the BWCA Wilderness of Ely, Minnesota. Because our property adjoins the Superior National Forest; you will enjoy privacy and seclusion among a virgin pine forest.

These hand-scribed log cabins are strategically placed to maximize your ability to get away from it all. Although primitive in setting, the cabins have a cozy living room with fireplace, large windows that face the lake, wood floors, braided rugs and hand-crafted log beds. The cabins are stategically placed for guests who appreciate privacy and seclusion. Each cabin is unique:

Wild Loon is our 7-room luxury log cabin which offers all the amenities of home but set in the wilderness. This two-bedroom home is an ideal location to enjoy a wilderness vacation complete with two stone fireplaces and spectacular views of the water.

Mallard is a self-contained four-room cabin complete with its own modern kitchen, bathroom, porch and gas fireplace. Although this land is very rugged, Mallard was designed for wheel-chair accessibility. It is closest to parking but still has its privacy and beautiful views of the Northwoods.

We are located 11 miles off the Echo Trail and are accessible year round. This is the perfect place to get away from it all:

Canoes are available for use by our guests.

We have miles of canoeing, hiking, snowshoeing and biking trails outside your doorstep.

Come and enjoy the beauty and solitude of the BWCAW from the comfort of our luxurious log cabins.

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Beautiful Rental Log Cabins near the BWCA Wilderness, Vermillion River and Ely, Minnesota

Loon's Echo Wilderness Retreat L.L.C.
Come enjoy the solitude of the Boundary Waters in the Comfort of our Log Cabins

Pete and Maggie Jung
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